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Najwa telah ditag oleh rakan seperjuangan Najwa kat sklh iaitu Kema. Terima kasih sudi tag Najwa :P

Ze Rule
 Post this rules.
Write 11 things about yourself Answer the question the tagger set to you.
Create 11 new questions for those you want to tag.
Choose 11 bloggers to be tagged and link them to post.
You are not allowed to tag back.

Fact about myself 

* my name is Noor Najwa binti Yusop
* science student
* 17 years old
* like purple and black
* i love mathematics and bit hate history
* my ambition to be a math teacher
* love blogging and reading
* like disturb my best friend ( Umi )
* hate camera :P
* want to make my family happy with my attitude
* want to get straight A's in SPM 2013 ( aminnn)

My Answers to Kema's Questions

What is your full name and nickname?
Noor Najwa binti Yusop.. najwa,wawa,nawawa

 What is your age?
⌛17 years old

 In your opinion, what is the definition of best friend?
⌛kawan bila susah n senang

 What is your ambition?

 Quote that gives you inspiration
⌛gagal sekali bukan bermakna gagal selamanya

 Girls with hijab is more beautiful than those who're not wearing the hijab. What is your opinion?
⌛yes..i agree 100%

 What is your favorite movies?
⌛movie filipina ( love story)

 Did you like to watch Running Man? Give me a reason.
⌛not..no reason

 Do you have a pet? What is it (their name also)
⌛not have..sorry

 Did you enjoy your life? Gimme a reason
⌛yes..kita hidup hnya sementara je *merapu je

 Give some advise to a newbie blogger so that they can improve their self.
⌛learn more about blog from famous blogger

My Questions to my enemies muahaha

 Awak blogger dari mana?
 umur berapa
 status sekarang
 kalau tgh belajar,belajar kat mana?
 pencapaian yang membanggakan keluarga
 orang fisrt yang buat awak menangis
 ada crush? bg nama
 kenangan yg awk xpernah lupakan
 novel yg awk minat
 kritikan atau pujian utk blog saya
 kata2 terakhir utk saya :)

My Enemies

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